Boris Johnson’s Tories take aim at BBC election coverage, boycott top radio show

Days after a general election win, the U.K. Conservative government of Boris Johnson has indicated it will boycott a leading BBC radio show over perceived election campaign bias. According to the Telegraph, Tory sources say the party is set to “withdraw engagement” from Radio 4’s Today show, owing to what they say is a “failure” […]

General election 2019: voters queue for ‘most important poll in a generation’ – live news | Politics

Conservative ad telling voters they are in “one of 9 constituencies” required to get Brexit done Photograph: Facebook The Tories are sending targeted ads from the PM to voters in specific constituencies saying their seat is “one of the nine seats needed to Get Brexit Done” … but they are sending them out to dozens […]

NATO divided: All the insults and spats from a summit supposedly about unity

Seventy years ago the NATO military alliance was founded to unite member nations around the principle of collective defence. But this year’s summit in the United Kingdom began and ended in acrimony, with insults hurled in public and behind closed doors. And, while the leaders of the 29 NATO states made a show of solidarity […]

General election: Corbyn expresses doubts about Trump’s NHS pledge ahead of possible meeting – live news | Politics

“If NHS services continue to be free in this way, they will continue to be abused, like any free service,” [Johnson] wrote in the Spectator magazine in 1995. “If people have to pay for them, they will value them more.” He added that those who say “the future the NHS should be for those who […]

To the Brink of Democracy and an Unholy Alliance with the US

With the installation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the second of the (self-declared) oldest democracies of the world, has, alongside political developments in the United States, reached a tipping point. The political system(s), and most importantly the traditional principle of the division of powers, of both will have to demonstrate […]